Grief CouselinG | Love & Loss Counseling with Dr. Picucci

 A man in need of grief counseling who is lost in thoughts of a loved one that's recently passed

Grief counseling can be invaluable asset when you're experiencing the devastation that can occur with the loss of a loved one, a marriage, or even a job. Grief is a natural response to loss, but when feelings of grief become overwhelming or begin to interfere with your daily life, it can be beneficial to seek help from a professional grief counselor. Dr. Picucci can provide you with the tools you need to move forward toward a happier healthy future.

It's the right time for Grief Counseling if:

  • You feel unable or too overwhelmed to continue daily habits of eating, sleeping or keeping up with school or a job.
  • You are avoiding friends, family or the support of your loved ones
  • You can't get through your day without prolonged moments of crying
  • The grief you're feeling is making you angry or resentful of those around you
  • You can't stop thinking about your loss
  • Your friends are noticing how lonely or isolated you are
  • You feel unable to move on after many months or years have passed from the initial loss

Don't live another day in debilitating grief. Take a step towards a better tomorrow and setup a session with Dr. Picucci.

Some Reasons You Might Be experiencing Grief

Below is just a few reasons you might be experiencing grief. In truth, any major change in your life circumstances can be the catalyst for a period of grieving that could last for months or even years if you don't have the right support system around you.

  • When a close family member or significant other pasess
  • When children leave for college
  • Divorce
  • An untimely death
  • When someone is lost to addiction
  • Experiencing an injury or illness
  • Change in financial situation
  • Pregnancy or delivery of a child

Helping You Cope With Grief

Grief, when it surfaces, is one of the most confusing of human emotions. With Dr. Picucci's help, you can calmly work with the symptoms of grief, learn how to cope, and find a pathway to transform the state of sadness that hangs over you for the better.

Overcoming grief can be a profound growth experience that gives you the resources and resilience to face life with a new sense of inner strength. Dr. Picucci knows how to expertly resolve the inner barriers that are keeping you tethered to grief. As these barriers are dissolved, a part of you is able to come alive again.

Healing from grief helps put life in perspective and connects you with what is truly important to you. No matter how long the grief has been experienced or how deep the loss is, grief counseling can be a lifeline that can support a graceful return to life as you once knew it.

Get Help From Dr. Picucci now

Getting help from a skilled, well-trained psychologist is the first step toward facing your feelings of grief in order to move forward with your life. Grief counseling can help you navigate the confusing emotions associated with grief, work through and address your feelings of loss, and lay the emotional foundation for a brighter future.

If you’re struggling with feelings grief after a loss, don’t suffer in silence. You don't have to live with grief for the rest of your life. Contact Michael Picucci to schedule your appointment.

Not able to meet with Michael Picucci in person? Dr. Picucci is an expert and facilitating healing and transformation via online therapy and works with many of his clients at a distance. Contact him to ask about teletherapy and how you can work together via phone or Skype.