Addiction counseling can be the catalyst for a powerful shift in any behaviors that may be having a negative impact in your life. If you're suffering from any type of addiction, be it substance-related or otherwise, Dr. Michael Picucci wants to help. Michael offers addiction counseling in a warm, inviting environment, and his goal is to help you release from your addiction and lead a content, productive life with joy. Online therapy sessions are also available for Addiction counseling.

Break the Cycle

Addictions can be debilitating emotionally as well as physically, and they can take a toll on your career, your relationships, and your health. If you're suffering from an addiction, you shouldn't hesitate to get the help you need. 

Don't let an addiction prevent you from living a happy, meaningful life. Call Dr. Michael Picucci for more information about his addiction counseling services or to schedule a consultation.

A note from Dr. Picucci on Addiction Challenges and Harm Reduction

I have come to know that addictions are initially attempts at self-medication for a troubled soul. Initially, the addictive activity relieves the pain when there didn’t seem to be another option or resource. This pain relief becomes an addiction when a person develops an inner compulsion (unnoticed at first), which begins to negatively impact other areas of life. By this point, an insidious denial creeps in to protect the addiction and the chaos, both inner and outer, and can run your life.

For the addiction resolution, clearly one shoe does not fit all. In addition to illuminating the addiction landscape for you, our focus in working together is to relieve present suffering and pave the way for the most graceful movement possible.

Harm Reduction is a technology that compassionately addresses the more than 50% of people who misuse substances addictively and (for whatever reason) are unprepared or unwilling to make the jump to abstinence. Fortunately, Harm Reduction evolved over the year by folks like Dr. Andrew Tartarsky; we now have an additional option for these folks that is forward moving and sometimes leads to abstinence. Both 'total abstinence' and 'Harm Reduction' are real lifesavers.

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