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Michael Picucci has been my go to for counseling for nearly twenty years. Over the years, when issues come up, I go to Dr.Picucci. I have had sessions with my wife, co-workers, and alone. In all cases Michael's attention, intuitions, wisdom- and, often humor have provided breakthroughs Dr. Picucci has a healer's understanding of how to make towering problems seem both universal and unique. He is a humanist of the first order that counsels, above all, for personal happiness and fulfillment. I hope to be as satisfied with my next twenty years and I know that I will be seeking Dr. Piccuci as friend and counselor to make that happen.

My experience with Dr. Picucci was truly rewarding. He is an extremely sympathetic and understanding individual with a genuine concern for the wellbeing of his clients. Notwithstanding the pain he has experienced in his own life, he brings a lightness of spirit that is so refreshing and healing. His insights have been extremely helpful to me and I can recommend him unreservedly.

A close friend referred me to Dr. Picucci because of the positive therapeutic experience he was having with Dr. Picucci. Therapy with Dr. Picucci has been life- changing. I entered therapy because of a very difficult experience of loss in my life, and Dr. Picucci helped me move from a "stuck" place to a place of movement and greater freedom. Since I began therapy with him two years ago, a number of additional difficult situations occurred in my life, and Dr. Picucci has consistently guided me with excellent intuition, wisdom, kindness, and sensitivity through these painful experiences. The somatic approach he integrates into his practice increased my awareness of how emotions were affecting both my body & my reactions to external events. Learning to "pause" before responding --instead of reacting-- has had a significant impact on the quality of my life. Furthermore, Dr. Picucci is not passive during sessions; he is an astute listener who also considers how to guide you to a "better" place by taking initiative to suggest actions which can expand your understanding of how to enrich your life & better cope during difficult times. In addition, the beautiful design of the office space creates a warm and inviting positive, therapeutic environment. I feel fortunate to have met Dr. Picucci. If you are seeking therapeutic support, I highly recommend contacting him. Dr. Picucci will help you on your road to healing.

Michael's somatic approach to healing provides a pathway to relief, release, and openness. In my experience, talk therapy is limited in what it can and cannot help a person access within themselves. Through directed sensing of the body, somatic experiencing helps tightness and anxieties open up. Specific areas of past trauma transform into a vast clearing of open space. Feelings of being frozen or stuck can change through a gentle awareness. I learned to trust myself, my inner guidance, and access my own feelings. The work is non-invasive. Michael's process has changed the way that I feel about myself and the world. It provides hope and a new way to look at everything.

Dr. Picucci changed my life. Plain and simple. I was angry and bitter at the world, until I realized that I was playing out childhood traumas, neglect, and psychological abuse. The most amazing aspect of Dr. Picucci’s therapy is how quickly change takes place. Things that you’ve been dragging around for years, get resolved and cleared in a couple of sessions. My year and a half of therapy with him was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It was also one of the most important investments I’ve ever made—a positive impact that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I used to hide and avoid people, shielding myself from unreal hurt that I had been creating in my mind. Now, I have a new life where I interact with people. I am likeable and liked, and have come to understand all the good that lives within me. If you’re reading this, you probably have your own story to tell. Maybe you’re looking for answers, for solutions, for relief… “These things are not your fault. But YOU are responsible for changing them.” It was the most liberating, empowering thing Michael Picucci ever said to me.

I had previously seen other therapists, but none compared to Dr. Picucci. He is insightful and very helpful on dealing with the unique issues facing anyone who is in recovery from drinking or substance abuse, but also has been great in dealing with unrelated issues. His help goes well beyond dealing with the occasional urge to drink, to helping develop a lifestyle which has a centered approach to living with activities and pursuits which replace the role of drink. Most importantly, he is great to talk to and has a warm, friendly approach to each session.

I came to Dr. Picucci broken, very sick, and traumatized from childhood incidences as well as adult ones. I had cried for many months. I was assured by Michael that I would come out the other side and my life would change. I had several focalizing sessions. I became aware of my body as a whole during these sessions. I moved through some very challenging parts of my history with him in a safe, calm and loving environment. I became more and more fearless as I became unstuck and faced what needed to be faced. I am now on that other side and I am free of all that junk that was holding me back from living my life. I am joyful and happy and content with who I am. I am totally a different person...a transformation happened. I am blessed that my path crossed Michael.

Working with Michael, I was able to tap the energy that was latent within me. Equally important, I was able to connect quite literally with the energy of the cosmos and to transform my entire professional situation from one of devastation to one of empowerment. I am now lin a thriving business adventure, one from which I continually draw inspiration, energy, and strength. Each day I celebrate the vibrant and multidimensional presence, fueled with resource energy, that I'm now able to bring to every aspect of my life. There is no turning back: the Focalizing we did has left me forever changed.

I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Picucci at a very difficult time in my life, and my work with him proved to be one of the most positive experiences of my life. He is very gentle and warm, yet capable of being tough when appropriate. His many years of practical experience and expertise made me feel safe and reassured that I was in the right place. Also the variety of his methodologies, ranging from the traditional talk therapy model to his somatic experiential work, allowed our sessions to adjust to addressing whatever I needed at any given time. I saw him on a regular basis in his office for years, and then when I moved away, he remained flexible and available to me to have phone sessions or to make time for me whenever I happened to be back in town. Dr. Picucci is a majorly influential figure in my process of individuation, and a great deal of what is healthy and stable about my psyche and being to this day I attribute to him with great gratitude!

Dr. Picucci has changed and saved my life! When I first contacted him over five years ago I was experiencing severe trauma from my past and stuck in a cycle of unhealthy and abusive relationships. Working with Dr. Picucci, I was able to overcome and release the trauma I have held in my body since childhood and found peace and love within myself. I was able to overcome severe anxiety and deep depression. In less than one year of having sessions with Dr. Picucci, I was able to break my cycle of unhealthy romantic//sexual relationships that I had since I started dating at 15. I started seeing Dr. Piccuci when I was 31 and, at last, after years and years of unsuccessful, unhealthy and abusive relationships, at 32 I finally entered a beautiful and loving romantic relationship with a true and genuine partner that I am proud of and am still with 4 years later. I never would have been capable to end my cycle and find true love without Dr. Picucci. Dr. Picucci has also helped me heal and find forgiveness with family members. Recently, due to severe stress and adverse medication reactions, I was experiencing depersonalization, and frightened by it. After one phone call with Dr. Piccuci, he gave me the tools I needed to ground myself and overcome these episodes. Dr. Picucci is excellent and I recommend him to everyone I know! A few of my friend and loved ones see him regular after seeing the difference he made in my life. I'm happy to report, I also see the difference he has made in their lives! If you are looking for true, deep healing through focalizing, trying to overcome an addiction or even just someone with supreme knowledge, insight, and compassion to listen to you and/or offer advice, Dr. Picucci is for you! Aside from private sessions, I have attended many of his workshops and brought a few of my friends, everyone who has gone had extremely positive and helpful experiences. Again, I highly recommend Dr. Picucci! He WILL change your life in the best way!

When I first started seeing Michael I was very depressed & was struggling with work. In the beginning I wasn't entirely truthful towards him in how I was feeling yet when I was seeing him I started feeling better. However, I was unable to see him for the summer because of a job that he helped me get. A job that I ended up enjoying. When I started to see him again I decided to be completely honest in how I was feeling & why I was feeling that way. Since then I've been able to start being social again, working harder and happier then ever & my productivity has been through the roof of where I thought I could be just a year earlier when first started seeing him. I have a great time whenever I see Michael & I would recommend him to anyone who I thought needed help to get the piece to the puzzle back in order.

Dr. Picucci's use of Focalizing and Somatic Experiencing was especially effective in healing the emotional traumas and blocks that prevented me from living the life I desired. These techniques were graceful, occurring naturally with ease under Michael’s guidance as it was not necessary to revisit the emotional pain of the past and instead the Focalizing technique fully cleared the barriers at their source in my nervous system.

I started working with Michael while I was in college. What started out as general counseling became grief counseling when a family loss occurred rather suddenly. With help from Michael I was able to stay in school and make regular progress, eventually dropping all unnecessary medications and other vices. Michael’s holistic approach feels friendly, compassionate, and nonclinical. He always takes into consideration the range of factors at hand. The discoveries we’ve made have been powerful, and often lead to laughter. We have been able to change thought patterns i've had my whole life. I’m so much better than I came in.

I was introduced to Dr. Picucci through a friend and long time client. After attending some group workshops I was inspired to see Michael one-on-one. Michael's approach to healing, navigating barriers, and nurturing a person's inner compass is awe-inspiring. The sense of well being I feel in the presence of Michael is worth the trip alone. But the way the content of our conversations seem to flow and help guide my life outside of the room is even more remarkable. Simply put, Michael is a role model for healing and has inspired me to see the challenges of my life through a fundamentally different lens. He has been the catalyst for a wave of change that I experience every single day.

I've started working with Dr. Picucci to address some strong concerns over undue fear and anxiety, generally, usually out-of-proportion to the incident at hand, along with a specific concern associated with a recent incident. Dr. Picucci took me through a Focalizing session that helped me experience, somatically, what was happening to my body in a traumatized situation, vs. what was going on during an incident in life when I was most at peace and at rest. By contrasting the two, and isolating the "felt-sense" sensations of both, I am beginning to develop the tools to re-regulate my nervous system. I am grateful and am looking forward to my next sessions in the coming few weeks. With Dr. Picucci, therapy is about a beginning, a middle - and an end, walking out of session with new confidence, and, as I said, tools, for negotiating future challenges, confidently, with one's own resources.

Michael has been a powerful inspiration to me. I have been indelibly shaped by his encouragement and living example--more than I can ever say.

Even when I was at my most desperate, Michael never talked down to me. Instead,he calmed me and helped me see that things could actually be okay. When I learned to use the tools he gave me and picked myself up, he was right there to greet me. It was as if he knew all along that I had the resources to make it. There is no denying that he operates from a place of deep love and compassion that transforms people's lives.

Michael Picucci turned my view inside out, and in turn, gave me a fundamentally different perspective. With this new perspective, I was better equipped to navigate my life and healing journey. What was once a problem was now a gift, and those many gifts became the raw material for a man. I am infinitely grateful for his guidance and assistance. Before Michael I had seen a number of other therapists, but none of them had his wisdom and understanding. He is a true healer.