An excerpt from my audiobook: Focalizing Source Energy - Going Within to Move Beyond:

To help us step out of the cultural box, my partner and I created the abbreviation, S.E.X., for Soul Energy eXchange. It suggests we can choose to enlighten our sexual experiences by focusing on energy that comes from our hearts and souls, not just our bodies and minds, and thereby designing a new outlook on pleasure. For those who are willing, it does take a bit of work. It’s rare that I’ve met anyone with an ongoing, rich and fulfilling sexual life that did not have to go back in their history to create new contexts for their erotic experiences. But the payoff is huge.

Love is an energy transmitted from the heart. It can be felt through hands of a lover, or platonically from a father or mother to a child. It is gender-neutral. S.E.X. means losing ourselves in the beloved.

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