Befriending Head-Noise as an Effective Antidote

When we become good (or seasoned) custodians of our minds we are launched into another stratosphere of living life with clearer perceptions for negotiating all of our choices in a more meaningful way.

From a recent keynote abstract:
Psychotherapy is swiftly changing, as are our clients and often using mindfulness in ways not previously conceived. The new element is what we learned in trauma resolution, particularly methods similar to Somatic Experiencing, EMDR & Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. It’s a shift away from the archeological digs of psychoanalysis and more cognitive techniques where depression and anxiety are quickly relapsed into. The previous tools have been and continue to be helpful, yet they cannot be as effective as the newer methods of going within to move beyond. These new approaches transcend talk-therapy inducing a no-shame, no-blame, right-here, right-now experience that resolves habitual stress and anxiety.