focalizing provides an energy solution

Here's another excerpt from my audiobook: Focalizing Source Energy - Going Within to Move Beyond:

"Focalizing is both a healing modality and creative process for continuous, spirited energy that flows through us and expresses itself with clarity.

With so much of the human body made up of empty space and water it’s easy to understand the impact that energy can have on us. And there has been much scientific research emerging to support the existence of evolving energy fields within and around us.

We are all a mass of atoms, molecules, and sub-atomic particles spinning around empty space in predetermined sequences creating our individual physical reality. How those sequences are predetermined depends on the influence of our ancestors, culture and family conditioning. This is as true for our interior landscapes as it is for our physical traits. In the same way a computer gets programmed, these sequences shape the energy of our experiences and different personalities. And once we are programmed, energy will continue to run through the same sequence. That’s what it knows how to do."

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