announcing a transformational healing retreat and training in focalizing

I am thrilled to announce that The Focalizing Institute is sponsoring an in-depth certification training this summer on Focalizing and how it can be applied for lasting personal and interpersonal healing.

I will be teaching this deeply experiential program with Nick Werber in order to train participants how to lead a Focalizing session for themselves and others. You'll learn why Focalizing is a lifeline for people who have struggled to find relief around issues of trauma, anxiety, depression, intimacy and more. And at each step of the way you'll develop and deepen your skills as a facilitator to guide this life changing healing process.

The program will be held over the course of three weekends at the stunning and historic Garrison Institute. In the heart of the Hudson Valley each participant will get hours of facilitation practice while also having personal Focalizing sessions done for them. The result will not only be a new tool in your healing toolbox but a transformative personal journey that will leave you renewed and energized come fall. We hope you join us!

Follow the link below for a complete program description and to register:

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