healing occurs with body rather than the mind

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Have you ever felt frozen by the experiences of your past? Weighed down by shame, regret, or simply feeling stuck in painful memories that continue to interrupt your ability to experience joy in life?

Pictured is a quote from my first ever audiobook, Focalizing Source Energy - Going Within to Move Beyond. In it, I share a powerful approach to healing that I've developed over the course of my 30+ years as a practicing psychologist and holistic therapist.

The book describes how the thinking part of our brain, the magnificent part of our mind that has engineered planes, created advanced pharmaceuticals and built our modern civilization has a weakness: It's not well equipped for human healing. And the signs are everywhere.

With the approach I pioneered, people can learn to get to the root of their suffering without the need to revisit the story or experience. The body has an innate capability to heal emotional pain that most people have lost touch with. Focalizing Source Energy describes how we can access it once again.

Audiobook now available on Amazon and Audible: http://a.co/aX4izkp
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