the millennial energy project

It's amazing to watch young adults blossoming when given a safe place and supported by elder allies. In a short time this 17 year old nonprofit has, with this relatively new project, magically witnessed the blossoming of young adults in very good ways that were previously inconceivable. They have even become our board members along with their own leadership circle.

There are now more certified Millennial Focalizing Facilitators around the globe. This is but one of the initiatives in progress that was enabled by generosity and belief in our mission.

One of our primary intentions is to support individual expression and collective potential of young adults with Focalizing. See last year's partial campaign at the bottom of video clip below. Join us if it feels right to you at and, if you are in a position to please consider clicking the donation button on our website, small and larger contributions are welcomed and will increase our effectiveness.