hosting source energy with body awareness

An excerpt from my first ever audiobook: Focalizing Source Energy - Going Within to Move Beyond:

Embodiment, or hosting Source Energy, could be defined as being conscious of the role the body plays in shaping the mind and our moment-to-moment experience. It allows a subtle shift from feeling with the senses, to feeling with awareness. When we direct our minds to be aware and notice subtlety, we can often feel options that may make better choices than ones we can only access via just thinking.

Hosting Source Energy can be as simple as taking a deep breath. When we give our-selves a quiet pause, we gain flexibility shifting between the outwardly focused mind and the subtler mind that uses felt awareness. When this skill is developed, we can use both levels of awareness fluidly, and simultaneously begin to have an inner knowing that is tangible and fresh.

Practice is the key.For a deeper experience, take the time to do a body drop, as it is referred to in Focalizing.

This practice can unify the imaginary separation of body, mind and nature, and enliven Source Energy to offer guidance. In this embodied state our experience of time collapses, allowing for imagery and perceptions that are often deeply informative.

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