the body communicates important messages

An excerpt from my first ever audiobook: Focalizing Source Energy - Going Within to Move Beyond:

"The heart is a greater intelligence than the mind. By knowing that, it can help those of us who are used to thinking primarily in a linear way. The mind speaks in words and either/ors, while the heart speaks in feelings, felt senses, imagery, and through the body. We have all felt butterflies in the stomach, chills down the spine, and many other variations of similar feelings. The heart speaks from complexity and harmony all at once, which is beyond our mind’s capacity.

We all struggle with the mind’s trained voice dictating all the reasons we can’t do something, or feel one way and not another. When we bring compassion to that over-worked part of ourselves, we are able to quiet the often negative voices of conditioned thinking. We can learn to work with our minds and allow our bodies to better inform us."

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