noting inner conflict leads to healing

An excerpt from the new eBook: Ritual - 21st Century Transformational Technology:

The opposites referred to here are the opposing energy forces (resource and constrictive) at work in our lives and in the world around us. They may include negative memories and the fear they engender. Fundamental to therapeutic healing is this concept of inviting both pleasurable/expanding and troubling/constrictive energies into the healing process in a new and cordial way.

In developing the capacity to comfortably hold opposite energies at the same time, individuals can access otherwise unrecognized unconscious resources.

By bringing expansive memories of pleasant things that are lodged in the past into contact with the perhaps constrictive energies in the body in the present moment, the individual becomes aware of both simultaneously.

Linking the powerful energy of good memories with the goodness of ‘source energy’ of the present helps individuals make deep contact with their innate intelligence. As soon as individuals evoke such imagery, they bring a sense of spiritedness to their lives because in its most granular aspects, ritual both attracts and is made from spirit, that which enlivens both our souls and the universal source which ritual links us to.

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