the three core elements for creating modern ritual

An excerpt from the new eBook: Ritual - 21st Century Transformational Technology:

"Ritual usually refers to a ceremonial rite, or an action sanctifying a certain process.Here we expand its meaning to include not only physical actions, but also mental and energetic processes such as intention and visualization.

Felt sense is understood as the here-and-now physical (somatic) sensations associated with various mental constructs, core memories and imagery.

Source energy refers to the life force that exists everywhere, throughout all space and time. It is the prime mover or actuating force behind everything in existence.

Intention is a forward-moving force to achieve a specific desire, result or outcome.

The curious observer self is an unseen part of a person, which perceives all experiences (thoughts, feelings, felt senses, etc.) without judgment or agenda.

Resource refers to any positive memory, person, place, object or action that creates a soothing or calming feeling in one’s body.

Each of these terms describes an element of ritual that we have found to be essential for utilizing it as a transformational tool. In combination, these six elements constitute a remarkably powerful gateway into the old ‘reptilian sectors’ and limbic brain, unlocking long-forgotten powers for visualizing and manifesting change.

By grounding in the felt senses, tuning into ‘source energy’ and bringing three elements to the fore, intention, resource and our curious observer self, we can create powerful rituals re-engineered and updated for our times, and which can be harnessed for the greater good.

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