ritual helps us reconnect with source energy

An excerpt from the new complementary eBook:

Ritual - 21st Century
Transformational Technology:

"Unblocking may relate to formulating new healing energies,
accessing greater intellectual or creative energies for problem
solving, or intensifying visionary and spiritual energies.

Ancient wisdom concerning the performance of rituals emerged
from a world in which time was experienced slowly and people
were consciously connected to the energy and vibrations of the
universe. To remain healthy, unblocked and balanced, individuals living a fast-paced lifestyle need to relearn how to live in the present moment and reconnect with this energy. Our immediate connection to ‘source energy’ emanates from the Earth we live on and from the cosmos in which it is embedded.

By becoming fluent in the use of these energies, individuals, groups (permanent or not) and communities can develop profound ways of calling on universal resources to facilitate a variety of transformative experiences.

The Focalizing institute offers resources and links to learn more
about creating modern versions of rituals and accessing source

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