accessing innate intelligence by connection to source energy

‘Source energy’ is the universal power behind all effective ritual. (Please check out important links above graphic)

An excerpt from complimentary new eBook:

Ritual - 21st Century Transformational Technology:

"The nature and design of any specific ritual allows this energy to be customized and directed towards any given intention. For our purposes, accessing ‘source energy’ begins the process. By directing attention inward toward an awareness of the body in the moment, individuals are able to access their innate intelligence.

There is a relationship between innate intelligence and feelings of well-being. When one is ‘in touch’ with the inner self, it allows access to the body’s inherent wisdom. This relationship, explored in earlier times by traditional shamans, is still practiced in traditional communities around the world.

The Focalizing institute offers resources and links to learn more about creating modern versions of rituals and accessing source energy.

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