ritual as a modern human technology

'Ritual - 21st Century Transformational Technology' - Here's another great quote that will surely have you considering downloading the free eBook below right now. Why not?



While the concepts of universal energy are difficult to access by ‘left brain only’ rational constructs, we can use ritual processes to connect the ‘left and right’ brain’s modes of thought. Rituals access the unconscious as a doorway to a deeply hidden 'source energy'.

Research has found a commonality across neuroscience, anthropology, cultural psychology, psychotherapy, art and performance and ultimately see these elements enhanced by the practice of a more modern ritual technology.

The Focalizing institute offers resources and links to learn more about creating modern versions of rituals and accessing source energy.

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The eBook on Ritual turns much of our human mental health pardigm in a fresh new direction. The function of ritual is to assist one in accessing internal resources of energy from the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, all of which are interconnected and accessible by an unseen but universal life force.

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