the mechanism of trauma healing

A great excerpt from the free new eBook made in collaboration with Anne MacNaughton, Evan Pritchard, Michael Fiorentino, Jeltje Gordon-Lennox (EU), Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, UK and the Focalizing Institute Board Circle members.

"One critical aspect of trauma is that it is about loss of connection – to ourselves, to our bodies, our families, to others, and the world around us. However trauma occurs, whether a single event or a series of events, it can result in a fundamental deregulation of the nervous system. It can happen slowly, over time, and so we sometimes adapt to these subtle changes without even noticing it.

Transforming trauma requires fusing the energy frozen in what could be called the trauma vortex of the central nervous system with its polar opposite energy in the healing (or resource) vortex. Any methodical endeavor to integrate the shadow-self in this way will be well worth the grapple.

In maturity, an individual can responsibly handle an integration experience that couldn’t have been dealt with in earlier years. It is the dance of these opposite energies that generates new energy streams and connections with ‘source energy’."

The Focalizing institute offers resources and links to learn more about creating modern versions of rituals and accessing source energy while turning of our human mental health pardigm and creative processes in fresh new directions. The function of ritual is to assist one or groups to access internal resources of energy from the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, all of which are interconnected and accessible by an unseen but universal life force.

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