Shame Kills, Not Drugs

Check out this courageous story by Sturla Haugsgjerd that provides leadership about the toxic shame societies all around the world contaminate drug users with and how they have experienced this in life. I share your vision of a time when one's choices about what drug one chooses to put into their bodies and how are respected as are the people who choose to use drugs. As you point out, this is most of us, though unlike you, most of us don't have the courage, or feel we have too much to lose, to share our drug using stories. I think rewriting the shaming drug user narrative toward one of respect, acceptance and compassion is one of the most important issues of our day...along with ending prohibition and the drug war and making sophisticated, integrative harm reduction and other therapies available to all who need and want it. Friends, please read Sturla's piece and share it widely:

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