New Focalizing 8-Page Primer Now Available

Focalizing Institute News

We recently published our Institute's 1st  to offer a brief and clear introduction to the human technologies of Focalizing and Dynamic Linking. You can download it for free. We are excited to share with you our latest thinking. The primer is forward looking in its emphasis on the practical, hands-on applications of these simple and easy to use human technologies for creating a future that transcends the limitations of the past and unlocks more of the potential for healing and flourishing available to individuals and communities. We are excited and energized about the many directions our work can take in support of a better, more creative and generous future for all with less stress and more effectiveness. The Primer is both our statement of purpose and our invitation to you to join us on the journey.

The Primer captures the essence of Focalizing and Dynamic Linking, outlines what happens in a Focalizing session, defines Source Energy, and describes a range of applications such as removing barriers to fuller self-expression; trauma resolution; recovery; and helping Millennials access their creativity and resourcefulness as individuals and as a generation to benefit themselves and our world.

The Focalizing experiences we have included will give you a taste of the possibilities for transformation that open up when engaging with these human technologies.

Contact as at and share your inspirations, intentions, and ideas. We are happy to connect and co-create with you!