Readers Supporting Millennials In Creating a Positive Future

My recent article for Psychology Tomorrow magazine entitled 18 to 35 Year-Olds are Awakening (click for full article) speaks to the many ways the so called Millennial generation differs from previous generations including in the challenges they are facing as well as the many contributions they are uniquely positioned to make.

Millennials are confronted with realities that humankind has not experienced until now such as ubiquitous access to news and content in a world connected 24/7 and the rapid disintegration of structures and certainties considered unassailable only a decade ago.

The article calls attention to the breadth and depth of qualities Millennials have the opportunity to cultivate and bring to fruition. Among their gifts are open-mindedness and optimism about the future, the ability to allow and include multiple perspectives, and the unwavering pursuit of self-expression and self-determination.  Alongside recognizing the many new possibilities Millennials can host and cultivate as a generation, Michael calls for a more conscious effort on the part of other generations toward nourishing the seeds of those new possibilities and Millennials’ emerging ability to shape a positive and generative future.  

What is particularly revealing are the comments to this recent article in one of my LinkedIn forums.  Members of the group are unanimous in recognizing the role of older generations as elders, guides, and space holders.“It's up to us now to support those Millennials (called Z generation in most of Europe) towards a fresh vision of the future; dysfunctional is not hopeless,” expresses a woman from France. “I hope all the older generations will pay attention to them and support their efforts to redesign culture and action, “ adds an educator. A creative professional joins the discussion by sharing her excitement of being a “bridge builder” between generations. It is clear that working in the space between generations evokes a certain deeply held and cherished sense of potency, creativity, and positive expectancy. A social entrepreneur and innovator from Israel shares how genuinely inspired and impressed she has been by her interactions with young entrepreneurs. She emphasizes the importance of helping them step more fully into taking responsibility and having the courage to be different and true to themselves.

In response, Michael shares the hope he has found in witnessing and contributing to more and more intergenerational collaboration. He also expresses the desire to broaden the scope of his inquiry and understanding to include the experience of young adults in countries around the world.

Dr. Picucci’s intention when it comes to supporting the Millennial generation is well captured in a statement he makes in response to a reader’s comment, “We have to ask ourselves how can we hear them better and best support their efforts, even when we don't fully understand them. They are being prepared for a world that we cannot imagine, not even in our dreams. Thanks so much for hopping aboard the intention that they flourish in a win-win-win way, 3rd win being the collective of us all.”

The passion and resolve felt by Michael in working with Millennials are carried forward by the most recent initiative launched by the Focalizing Institute, a non-profit organization co-founded by Dr. Picucci. Below is a short excerpt from the Institute’s Focalizing Primer that speaks to the intention and vision behind this exciting new intergenerational initiative.

We believe that Millennials as an aggregate bring tremendous energy to progressive social change and conscious evolution. This makes catalyzing intergenerational collaboration and co-creation an imperative of great significance. The human technologies of Focalizing and Dynamic Linking are uniquely suited to facilitate easy and effortless access to that immense creative potential individually as well as collectively.

The Focalizing Institute’s Millennial Energy Project aims to introduce young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 to Focalizing and Dynamic Linking as a means of clarifying inner intention and supporting outer action directed toward building a better future for all. We support groups of young adults to enable the emergence of new ideas and projects or to help strengthen the impact of existing initiatives.

We welcome your comments, ideas, and questions.