Interviewed for Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy

Recently, Dr. Michael Picucci was interviewed by Serge Prengel as part of the Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy series. 

The interview opens with Dr. Picucci sharing little known details about the beginnings of his path as a psychotherapist and his ongoing exploration of body- and energy-related psychotherapies. He recounts his experience with a particular type of bodywork many years ago which resulted in the sudden and spontaneous release of decades of trauma and sparked a life-long interest in somatic approaches to psychotherapy.

The conversation continues with a lively exchange on the essence of Focalizing - a human potential technology developed by Dr. Picucci and used widely for healing trauma as well as for dissolving any barriers that might hold us back in the course of daily life.  As part of that discussion, Dr. Picucci touches on the experience of Source Energy that he defines as "being with the energy we are made of" and which underlies the healing potential of the Focalizing approach. 

To learn more about Focalizing and Source Energy and hear the rest of the conversation, listen to the interview here.