Help the Flowering of Generations to Come

Hello, My Friends

What if you could change the lives of thousands of people with only a few clicks?

As anyone who has felt the healing power of Focalizing knows firsthand, learning and practicing Focalizing is a life changing experience. For this reason the Institute is answering the call of so many young adults of the Millennial Generation who are looking for a way to live more authentically and find freedom from the constant head noise that can get in the way of fulfillment in life.

The Institute and its volunteers have created the The Millennial Energy Project  to do nothing short of change the world. Supporting the Institute’s program to teach Focalizing and Dynamic Linking to young adults can have the power to change the course of not only the Millennial Generation, but the institutions they are beginning to take leadership positions in. This project provides the opportunity to share Focalizing with Millennials today and allow its wisdom permeate and support future generations.

Please follow this link to join this movement with a donation of $50, $100 or $500 to ensure we are able rise to this vital challenge.

Thank you all so much, Michael