Weekend Focalizing Retreat and Training at The Garrison Institute

In partnership with the Focalizing Institute, I am excited to announce a new weekend retreat and training at the Garrison Institute! The program is designed to teach and equip you with the Focalizing healing process and show how you can harness the innate intelligence of your body to power profound healing.

The gathering will be held from October 5-7th in Garrison, NY; which is easily accessible from NYC and the surrounding areas. The program represents a fantastic opportunity to learn how to facilitate Focalizing for yourself and others. In a sense, it's an immersive weekend where you'll get to experience and learn the most powerful tools and insights I've discovered over the course of my 30+ years as a psychologist in private practice.

We also have an early bird special in play that ends Friday September 7th. If you register by Friday, you'll receive $100 off the total registration cost. It's a great deal because your registration comes with all meals and lodging included in the price.

Want to try Focalizing before you register? The Focalizing Institute is sponsoring free 30-minute Focalizing sessions with anyone who is considering the program. Click the button below to go to the Institute's contact page and simply ask for a free session and you'll be connected with one of our certified practitioners.

By registering for this program you'll be joining a group of healers, therapists, and individuals seeking personal growth to learn why Focalizing is a lifeline for those who have struggled to find relief while engaging in years or even decades of traditional therapy.

At the close, you'll leave refreshed and empowered to use the foundations of this healing modality as a self-healing approach or means of supporting those around you.

To learn more about the program, click the button below:

announcing a transformational healing retreat and training in focalizing

I am thrilled to announce that The Focalizing Institute is sponsoring an in-depth certification training this summer on Focalizing and how it can be applied for lasting personal and interpersonal healing.

I will be teaching this deeply experiential program with Nick Werber in order to train participants how to lead a Focalizing session for themselves and others. You'll learn why Focalizing is a lifeline for people who have struggled to find relief around issues of trauma, anxiety, depression, intimacy and more. And at each step of the way you'll develop and deepen your skills as a facilitator to guide this life changing healing process.

The program will be held over the course of three weekends at the stunning and historic Garrison Institute. In the heart of the Hudson Valley each participant will get hours of facilitation practice while also having personal Focalizing sessions done for them. The result will not only be a new tool in your healing toolbox but a transformative personal journey that will leave you renewed and energized come fall. We hope you join us!

Follow the link below for a complete program description and to register: https://www.theinstitute.org/foundations-of-focalizing/

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how to manage conditioned thinking and head noises

The brief video below shares how destructive conditioned thinking holds us back, limits our experience and cuts us off from the flow of Source Energy. Click here to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eytY8UdIeOE#t=12

And the beat goes on. This four year old video post has a nice follow up article called, '"Befriending our 'Head Noise' as an Antidote to Depression and Anxiety." Click here to read the article: https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/how-can-befriending-our-head-noise-diminish-anxiety-and-depression-1204174

I hope you find them both helpful.

 www.michaelpicucci.com (Practice), www.theinstitute.org (Teaching)

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focalizing provides an energy solution

Here's another excerpt from my audiobook: Focalizing Source Energy - Going Within to Move Beyond:

"Focalizing is both a healing modality and creative process for continuous, spirited energy that flows through us and expresses itself with clarity.

With so much of the human body made up of empty space and water it’s easy to understand the impact that energy can have on us. And there has been much scientific research emerging to support the existence of evolving energy fields within and around us.

We are all a mass of atoms, molecules, and sub-atomic particles spinning around empty space in predetermined sequences creating our individual physical reality. How those sequences are predetermined depends on the influence of our ancestors, culture and family conditioning. This is as true for our interior landscapes as it is for our physical traits. In the same way a computer gets programmed, these sequences shape the energy of our experiences and different personalities. And once we are programmed, energy will continue to run through the same sequence. That’s what it knows how to do."

To download the audiobook from Audible / Amazon, follow this link: http://a.co/aX4izkp

To learn more about my work, visit my website: www.michaelpicucci.com


new guided video meditation - doing by not doing

I am recreating past audio meditations on YouTube. They will be “Guided Video Meditations” that allow you to open your eyes at any time to see a beautiful graphic perfectly synced to the spoken words. We think of it as an additional resource that can boost the power of the meditation. Let me know what you think. This first one touches on the potency that can come with 'doing by not doing.'

Click this link to access the meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtnGi5fuD18&feature=youtu.be

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An excerpt from my audiobook: Focalizing Source Energy - Going Within to Move Beyond:

To help us step out of the cultural box, my partner and I created the abbreviation, S.E.X., for Soul Energy eXchange. It suggests we can choose to enlighten our sexual experiences by focusing on energy that comes from our hearts and souls, not just our bodies and minds, and thereby designing a new outlook on pleasure. For those who are willing, it does take a bit of work. It’s rare that I’ve met anyone with an ongoing, rich and fulfilling sexual life that did not have to go back in their history to create new contexts for their erotic experiences. But the payoff is huge.

Love is an energy transmitted from the heart. It can be felt through hands of a lover, or platonically from a father or mother to a child. It is gender-neutral. S.E.X. means losing ourselves in the beloved.

To download the audiobook from Audible / Amazon, follow this link: http://a.co/aX4izkp

To learn more about author and psychologist Dr. Picucci, visit his website: www.michaelpicucci.com


Befriending Head-Noise as an Effective Antidote

When we become good (or seasoned) custodians of our minds we are launched into another stratosphere of living life with clearer perceptions for negotiating all of our choices in a more meaningful way.

From a recent keynote abstract:
Psychotherapy is swiftly changing, as are our clients and often using mindfulness in ways not previously conceived. The new element is what we learned in trauma resolution, particularly methods similar to Somatic Experiencing, EMDR & Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. It’s a shift away from the archeological digs of psychoanalysis and more cognitive techniques where depression and anxiety are quickly relapsed into. The previous tools have been and continue to be helpful, yet they cannot be as effective as the newer methods of going within to move beyond. These new approaches transcend talk-therapy inducing a no-shame, no-blame, right-here, right-now experience that resolves habitual stress and anxiety.



the millennial energy project

It's amazing to watch young adults blossoming when given a safe place and supported by elder allies. In a short time this 17 year old nonprofit has, with this relatively new project, magically witnessed the blossoming of young adults in very good ways that were previously inconceivable. They have even become our board members along with their own leadership circle.

There are now more certified Millennial Focalizing Facilitators around the globe. This is but one of the initiatives in progress that was enabled by generosity and belief in our mission.

One of our primary intentions is to support individual expression and collective potential of young adults with Focalizing. See last year's partial campaign at the bottom of video clip below. Join us if it feels right to you at www.theinstitute.org and, if you are in a position to please consider clicking the donation button on our website, small and larger contributions are welcomed and will increase our effectiveness.

resources for PTSD veterans

For PTSD Vets, thank you for your courage. If you suffer from PTSD, most pharmaceuticals are not very helpful nor is Talk Therapy.

I'm here if you, or a loved one, or a coworker, has the effects of PTSD or any of life's emotionally torturous challenges. I use effective somatic (body oriented) approaches that are swift and gentle. Being a resource that delivers resolution in such suffering is my personal and professional life purpose. I also do Skype work from a distance very effectively.


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