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In addition to his full-length books, Dr. Picucci also contributes to the professional conversation in the field through blogging, articles, keynote addresses at major conferences, interviews, and other writings. He has written seminal articles on trauma, addiction, and Somatic Experiencing®, and is a frequent contributor to The Institute for Authentic Process Healing website and e-zine, Phoenix Recovery News, Professional Counselor: The Magazine for Addiction Professionals, the Foundation for Human Enrichment, and publications abroad.

Hearing the Millennial Generation: Awakening to Global Positivism

A hot new generational EXCLUSIVE (and very intergenerational). A positive force launching the new-format debut issue of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine. Click here to read the article


One of the most significant blocks to more fulfilling sober sex is the “sexual-spiritual split.” After facilitating countless workshops with thousands of people in recovery, one thing is certain. The healing of the internalized schism between our sexual and spiritual (love) energies is the most provocative topic, and the most intimidating (apparently, but not necessarily) task we can address. I have yet to meet one recovering person who does not highlight this as one of their foremost challenges. Click here to read article.

Seeking Source Energy: In Search of Lost Connectivity

Focalizing, meditation and creative pursuits can help us reconnect with source energy, achieve clarity, and embrace a new sense of connectivity.

Three things that block us from experiencing vibrant energy:

  • Distracting thoughts (often based on past conditioning)
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Erotic barriers and frustrations

In my article published today, Good Therapy recognizes Focalizing as both a healing modality and a creative process that can foster the continuous flow of energy through us and help this energy express itself with clarity. Click here to read article.

Caregivers, 3 Resourcing Tools for living in two incompatible realities—an overlooked suffering of the caregiver

I am very pleased to have been invited to write this recent caregiving article for Good Therapy. (click to read)

Millennials: The Whole World Is in Their Capable Hands

They are the largest, most educated, best-connected, and most diverse generational cohort in history, and they possess creative power that can and will reshape the world as we know it. Paradoxically, many millennials I work with are not fully aware of their potential as individuals and as a generation. Read the full article at (click here for the full article).

New Human Technology: Focalizing Dynamic Links

Barry Lipscomb and I are completing the second book (from a series of four) that builds on the first, Focalizing Source Energy: Going Within to Move Beyond. The title of the second book is Focalizing Dynamic Links and its purpose is to support the best ways of bringing Source Energy into the world of energetic connections in a process of joy and co-creation. Read article w/new book excerpts at Good Therapy (click here for the full article).

Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy, November, 2014
Interview with Michael Picucci about Focalizing

In 1990, already a psychotherapist, I had a body experience with a polarity massage therapist. She would check in with saying, “what are you noticing,” as she very gently touched me. I had already been interested in body wisdom at the time. little bit, but this was real experience, something happening inside of me. What happened is, in a very short period of time, ten years of trauma I experienced in the 80’s—AIDS emerged through my body. So many of my friends were dying of so young. I had my own near-death experiences, and the loss of my partner Gil who carried me through all of that. All of those years and experiences flowed went through me and were in some way miraculously healed. To read or listen to the full interview: click here.

Psychotherapy Evolves to Tangible Technologies (October 2014)

In writing my first book The Journey Toward Complete Recovery: Reclaiming Your Emotional, Spiritual & Sexual Wholeness it was an attempt to give psychotherapy and newly sober individuals a birds-eye view of the therapeutic process and what benefits to expect. During this intense research and reporting time, I found myself drawn to the methods that were not analytic, while they informed my studies, they weren’t experientially and emotion driven either. They were somatically (body sense) and energy driven, similar to the way years earlier I resolved my gay/straight conundrum. My body and energy spoke and I listened and it was liberating! To read the Psychology Tomorrow article: click here.

International Journal of PSYCOTHERAPY – September, 2014

Book Review: Focalizing Dynamic Links: A Human Technology for Collectively Engaging Source Energy & Creating a Better Future.

Are you feeling lost, insecure, and unsure? Do you feel a disconnection between yourself and others, maybe even between your mind and body? This book is meant to lift you up and place you down right where you want to be. That much is clear just from reading the introduction. To read Rachel Vitale’s full book review click here. (Written for New York University and the International Journal for Pyschotherapy.)

Sacred Sexuality and Sex - Psychology Tomorrow Magazine

SEX AND SOUL: To define sacred sexuality, it is important to rediscover what sex means to us. Paramount for growth in this area is to break out of preconceived thinking. To help us step out of the cultural box, I use the word “sex” as an acronym, S.E.X., which stands for Soul Energy exchange. Couple that with another acronym: S.O.U.L., a Systemic Organization of Universal Love, and you have Soul-full Sex. This new perspective is not strictly about performance or procreation, or even about orgasm, though that can be a wonderful benefit. S.E.X. is about sharing and exchanging energies that originate more from our souls than just our heads or our genitals. It is about uniting our longing for wholeness and connection, yearnings that are naturally sacred and spiritual. It is about pleasuring and being pleasured in whatever consensual form that takes. To read entire article: click here.

Graceful Guidelines for Sexual Healing (May 2014)

Sexual healing is the shame-free revisiting of complex sexual histories, limitations and perceptions combined with new awareness, understanding, and compassion. In the process of this rejuvenation, we learn how to merge our spiritual and sexual energies. Resolving this powerful inner conflict is necessary for true body, mind and nature connections. These guidelines can be used to illuminate and focus a core-healing journey that is central to having life mastery, which is the awareness of aliveness, sensual pleasure and contentment. To read the Psychology Tomorrow article: click here.

What It Means to Live a Focalized Life (June, 2014)

The core of focalizing lies deep in the felt sensations in our bodies that communicate heartfelt messages, allowing us to utilize an intelligence we may not be conscious of. The old brain enhances such messages, integrating them with other brain functions. Once we discover a focalized life, we have a constant stream of non-worrying encouragement and support, guiding our awareness and actions (or intelligent lack thereof). It can assist in trauma recovery, strengthen our insights, and energize our experience of sex and sexuality. With all we are discovering, a focalized life is about as close to contentment as seems possible for humans at this time. Read the full article: click here.

Source Energy Optimizes Life
(Part 4: Hosting Source Energy)

First published in “Expert News” at, June, 2012. In this article Dr. Picucci shares some tools for hosting Source Energy in its ongoing dissolution of destructive ‘conditioned thinking.’ The result is an agreeable guide for our next step forward. Read the full article.

Source Energy Optimizes Life
(Part 3: Escalating Source Energy Through Trauma Resolution)

First published in “Expert News” at, April, 2012. In this article Dr. Picucci further invigorates with part three of this new holographic paradigm of experience, perception, felt awareness, and moving forward gracefully. Read the full article.

Source Energy Optimizes Life
(Part 2: S.E.X. Expands Source Access)

First published in “Expert News” at, February, 2012. In this article Dr. Picucci further invigorates with part two of this new holographic paradigm of experience, perception, and moving forward gracefully. Read the full article.

Source Energy Optimizes Life
(Part 1: Finding Source Energy)

First published in “Expert News” at, December, 2011. In this article Dr. Picucci invigorates with part one of this new holographic paradigm of experience, perception, and moving forward gracefully. Read the full article.

Focalizing: Loss and a New World Vision

First published in “Expert News” at, October, 2011. In this article Dr. Picucci addresses how the false view of us as separate is going down, as we gradually emerge to the potential of a better future. Read the full article.

Focalizing Disease Transformation

Published in “Expert News” at, June 2011. In this article Dr. Picucci explains disease transformation as the naturopathic shifting of our perception and experience of an illness. It is cultivating a transcendent perspective about our ailments that is nonlinear and multidimensional, evoking an experience of peace and spaciousness: Read the full article.

Spontaneous Remission of Collective Insanity

First published in "Expert News" at, June 2010. In this article Dr. Picucci address the present personally and global evolution of humanity at a turning point: Old paradigms and a challenging new awareness are straining to coexist. He offers an optimistic perspective. Read the full article.

Focalizing Stage Two Addictions Recovery: The Spiritual Core

First published in “Expert News” at, February, 2010. In this article Dr. Picucci synthesizes 30 years of research and practice exploring the timely paradigm shift and expansion in addiction recovery that is occurring right now. Read the full article.

Why Focalizing Now?

First published in “Expert News” at, November, 2009. In this potent article, Dr. Picucci explores the fundamental and timely paradigm shift in healing that is occurring right now. Read the full article.

Authentic Process:
The New Psychotherapy

Published in “Expert News” at, March, 2008. As we enter the dawn of a new millennium, traditional psychotherapy and the therapist’s role appear caught in the sort of crisis. The detached, analytical approach often practiced by psychotherapists since the days of Freud no longer makes people well. In fact, this strict therapist-patient/normal-sick paradigm may actually make them worse, contributing to deeper feelings of alienation and frustration. Read the full article.

Focalizing: An Energy Psychology for the 21st Century
(March, 2008)

Dr. Michael Picucci is interviewed by psychotherapist & health journalist Nicholas Cimorelli. Read the full interview

Article on “Conscious Courage” for Italian psychotherapy journal: Costellazioni Sistemiche - Bollettino della Rete - “Il coraggio” -

Numero 7, giugno 2008 translated into English. Read the full article

Somatic Experiencing® as Ritual: Unspoken Benefits

First published in Foundation for Human Enrichment Quarterly, October 2006. In this article, Dr. Picucci explores how Somatic Experiencing also can be viewed and understood as a sacred ritual, which, when “partnered with scientific understanding of energy fields, gives birth to a new context in which to live a fuller and richer life.” Read the full article.

Energy Psychology: A Focalizer’s Perspective on Psychotherapy

In September 2005, Angelina Baydala, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of Regina, Canada, interviews Dr. Picucci. Read the full interview.

Ritual as a Resource in Addiction and Trauma Recovery

First published in Cutting Edge: A Publication for Professionals, Fall 2005.

An excellent overview of the ways in which rituals, resources, somatic experiencing, and energy psychology can be used as powerful pathways toward recovery from addiction and trauma. Read the full article.

Written Interview of Dr. Picucci by The Healing bridge (2002)

Originally featured on The Healing Bridge, Michael Picucci was interviewed by Dr. Jane Hart about his early life, journey towards opening his private practice and what inspired his passion for trauma resolution. Read the full interview here.

The New Psychotherapy

First published in the Professional Counselor Magazine. In this article, Dr. Picucci explores a fundamental paradigm shift that is occurring in the field of psychotherapy: Authentic Process Therapy. Read the full article

Grief Recovery

First published in A Time to Grieve e-zine. In this article, Dr. Picucci explores the grief process and how grief, with the right understanding and support and rituals, can be a time of profound personal growth and transformation. Read the full article

Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Other Challenges

First published on The Institute for Authentic Process Healing website. This piece explores the ways in which individuals, through presence, can find an illuminating path from sever anxiety, depression, grief, and other psychological concerns. Read the full article

To My Fellow Healers

First published in Common Boundary Magazine. In this open letter to all colleagues in the field, Dr. Picucci encourages counselors and psychotherapists to provide clients with a clear understand of what they can expect from practitioners or the discipline as a whole. Read the full article

Graceful Guidelines for Sexual Healing

First published in Phoenix Recovery News. Dr. Picucci instructs us how to begin to merge our spiritual and sexual energies to heal the culturally induced “sexual-spiritual split” that haunts relationships and precludes emotional fulfillment. Read the full article

Sexuality & Sacred Sex

First published in The Journal of Sexuality & Spirituality. Dr. Picucci advocates a new perspective for sex and sexuality as a profound exchange of energies that can lead to wholeness and connection. Read the full article

What is Holism?

First published in The Institute for Authentic Process Healing e-zine. In this seminal article, Dr. Picucci provides his perspectives on how individuals can begin to tap into the holism that surrounds us all the time, but that is so often obscured by everyday life. Read the full article

Peter A. Levine Interview

Dr. Picucci conducts an interview with Peter A. Levine, author of the seminal work on Somatic Experiencing®, Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma. This interview first appeared on Read the full interview