Dr. Michael Picucci And Barry Lipscomb were honored in the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards® for Co-Authoring Focalizing Dynamic Links: A Human Technology For Collectively Engaging Source Energy & Creating A Better Future at The Harvard Club in New York City. Click Book Title For More Information.

Villa Veritas Foundation, a pioneering organization in chemical dependency education and treatment, honored Dr. Picucci at their annual Dinner Dance for his dedication in "Nurturing Dreams into Reality." This recognition acknowledged his focusing the energies of all involved into the creation of a cluster of safe-houses for recovering individuals (after treatment) who had no safe environment to return to.

Lisa Baruch (Crossroads Centre Antigua) & Dr. Michael Picucci at the Harvard Club Awards Ceremony.

Lisa Baruch (Crossroads Centre Antigua) & Dr. Michael Picucci at the Harvard Club Awards Ceremony.

Michael was presented with the "Unsung Hero" honor for his contributions to the addiction communities at Caron Foundation's annual awards breakfast in May, 2008. He was nominated by Crossroads, Antigua, who recognizes Dr. Picucci's expanded Stage Two model of recovery that somatically resolves the post traumatic stress issues that prevent many in addiction recovery from experiencing the 12-step promises. 
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In 2001, the New York State Counselor Association honored him for his contributions with their first-ever President's Award. These acknowledgements came after the publication of his book, The Journey toward Complete Recovery: Reclaiming Your Emotional, Spiritual & Sexual Wholeness, which encompassed over ten years of research.

In 2000, Dr. Picucci was honored conjointly by the National Institutes on Health (NIH/NIDA and the National Association of Professional Addiction Counselors (NAADAC) with the “Outstanding Leadership in Research” Award.