Young Adult Challenges

Often 18–35ish young people require a specific sensitivity to their challenges. I support and help them discover a rich and unique expression of their individual potential. By offering cutting-edge human technologies for navigating the many challenges of the present and future we achieve a win-win-win solution that benefits individuals, communities and our planet—in a way that is unique to each individual.  This so-called Millennial Generation represents the largest, most well educated, connected and diverse generational cohort in history. Along with this fast pace of change there comes a host of challenges, such as increased stress, economic pressures and multiplying distractions, and a keen awareness of the cultural dysfunctions and not wanting to fit into them. Dr. Michael Picucci provides individualized support to develop unique, qualities that prepare you to have a beneficial impact on your own joy and potential. Apparent challenges are transformed into strengths and opportunities.