Have you experienced trauma(s) of any sort? Pyschologist Dr. Michael Picucci, offers trauma resolution therapy to clients in need.

Getting Help and Moving Forward

Following a life-altering event, you may need trauma resolution if you find yourself:

  • Avoiding any potentially stressful situation
  • Avoiding people and places that remind you of the trauma
  • Panicking in social situations you cannot escape
  • Hiding your feelings of anxiety and fear
  • Withdrawing from relationships with loved ones
  • Struggling to fall asleep
  • Reliving the trauma in dreams and flashbacks
  • Suffering in your performance at work
  • Drinking or abusing drugs to mask your problems
  • Avoiding plans for the future
  • Thinking about suicide
  • Feeling like you’re facing everything alone

Rather than struggle through this difficult time, turn to Dr. Michael Picucci for help so that you can move forward with your life. To set up an appointment, call Dr. Michael Picucci today.