Intimacy Therapy

Problems with intimacy are not uncommon and can benefit greatly from focused intimacy therapy. Dr. Picucci can be helpful in revealing the causes of intimacy problems and opening the door to closer, more trusting relationships.

Drawing You Closer Together

Intimacy is about more than just physical contact. Intimacy involves honesty, vulnerability, and trust. When intimacy is not present in a relationship, that relationship suffers. Dr. Michael Picucci works to help couples enrich their relationships through increased intimacy. Of course, the decision to seek intimacy therapy for a sexual or intimacy problem is a highly personal and emotional one, so you can rest assured that Dr. Picucci will treat you with the utmost care, compassion, and professionalism.

If a lack of intimacy is affecting your relationships, Dr. Picucci wants to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out for more information or to schedule an appointment.

A Note on Intimacy therapy From Dr. Picucci

Sexual and intimacy challenges are often the most complex and private. I honor this observation deeply. This has been a central area of my research, practice and writing for many years.

Many clients have presented with what I’ve come to call the Sexual-Spiritual (love) Split. This is the primary inner, unconscious barrier that can inhibit loving relationships from forming and enduring while keeping sexuality alive and growing. This is a culturally induced inner conflict that affects us personally.  In our work together these conflicts can be surfaced and dissolved. If appropriate, intimacy therapy can include offering new perspectives and experiences to replace whatever preceded them in our new, shared moment in time.

Whatever the sexual challenges, we allow for an inner shift to occur. This experience creates new pathways expanding your access to Source Energy (nature). This inner intelligence will use newly awakened Eros energy to expand your sensorial nature that always knows your best next step in healthy intimacy and Eros. 

Michael wrote an in-depth article on his experience and observations around sexual healing and intimacy therapy for Psychology Tomorrow Magazine. Read the article on Psychology Tomorrow's website by clicking this link.