Dr. Michael Picucci PhD, MAC, SEP, brings decades of investigation and experience to his practice of Psychotherapy, Focalizing and Consulting. He originated Focalizing, guidance for a natural path of healing and transformation, from his studies and experience with many traditions of somatic and energy psychologies, along with his re-discovery of the source of inner wisdom that lives in all of us.

Below are the most common dilemmas that client's present, enabling Michael to apply his learning and experience to collectively produce resolution for you and a better state of being:

Feeling Stuck

Most of my clients’ first come to me with a feeling of being trapped by the circumstances that life has presented them. It’s frustrating and emotionally explosive either inward, outwardly and manifesting in blocked energy and life momentum. Or, just the opposite: mania and uncontrollable activated choices. Or, a combination of both, also out of your control.

By introducing you to some elegantly simple tools, you will discover that there are openings (physically and energetically) that can dissolve frustrating anxiety/depression. Importantly, I can help you become aware of perceptions and experiences not previously available to you. The tools/exercises that we use in session experientially shift us out of our everyday minds. This allows us access to another intelligence within a naturopathic pathway supported by our bodies, our hearts and nature.

Addiction Challenges / HARM REDUCTION

I have come to know that addictions are initially attempts at self-medication for a troubled soul. Initially, the addictive activity relieves the pain when there didn’t seem to be another option or resource. This pain relief becomes an addiction when a person develops an inner compulsion (unnoticed at first), which begins to negatively impact other areas of life. By this point, an insidious denial creeps in to protect the addiction and the chaos, both inner and outer, now runs your life.

For the addiction resolution, clearly one shoe does not fit all. In addition to illuminating the addiction landscape for you, our focus in working together is to relieve present suffering and pave the way for the most graceful movement possible.

Harm Reduction is a technology that compassionately addresses the more than 50% of people who misuse substances addictively and (for whatever reason) are unprepared or unwilling to make the jump to abstinence. Fortunately, Harm Reduction evolved over the year by folks like Dr. Andrew Tartarsky; we now have an additional option for these folks that is forward moving and sometimes leads to abstinence. Both 'total abstinence' and 'Harm Reduction' are real lifesavers.

Trauma Resolution

Trauma is an emotional wound or shock often with long-lasting effects. These effects deregulate our Central Nervous Systems and energetic conditioned patterning, cutting us off from others and concealed parts of ourselves. This can be a great source of suffering.

Over the last two decades we have discovered and used techniques to resolve the crippling affects of unresolved trauma. I utilize and work with Peter A. Levine’s method, he developed an early and highly effective resolution process named Somatic Experiencing®  (SE)

I studied SE intensely for several years in the late 90’s, realizing a truth in his words, “A trauma resolved is a gift from the gods.” I observe this reality daily in my practice. Important note: In trauma resolution process, we focus on what/where is constriction or discontent, much less than the trauma stories. This is a no-shame, no-blame, right-here, right now healing method.

Young Adult Challenges

Often 18-35ish young people require a specific sensitivity to their challenges. I support and help them discover a rich and unique expression of their individual potential. By offering cutting-edge human technologies for navigating the many challenges of the present and future we achieve win-win-win solutions that benefit individuals, communities and our planet—in a way that is unique to each individual. This so-called Millennial Generation represents the largest, most well educated, connected and diverse generational cohort in history. Along with this fast pace of change there comes a host of challenges, such as increased stress, economic pressures and multiplying distractions, and a keen awareness of the cultural dysfunctions and not wanting to fit into them. I provide individualized support developing unique skills and qualities that prepares them to have the beneficial impact they are capable of making. Apparent challenges are transformed into strengths and opportunities.

Sexual Concerns

Sexual and intimacy challenges are often the most complex and private. I honor this observation deeply. This has been a central area of my research, practice and writing for many years.

Many clients have presented with what I’ve come to call the Sexual-Spiritual (love) Split. This is the primary inner, unconscious barrier that can inhibit loving relationships from forming and enduring while keeping sexuality alive and growing. This is a culturally induced inner conflict that affects us personally.  In our work together these conflicts can be surfaced and dissolved. If appropriate, offering new perspectives and experiences to replace whatever preceded them in our new, shared moment in time.

Whatever the sexual challenges, we allow for an inner shift to occur. This experience creates new pathways expanding your access to Source Energy (nature). This inner intelligence will use newly awakened Eros energy to expand your sensorial nature that always knows your best next step in healthy intimacy and eros. 

Grief Resolution

Grief, when it surfaces, is one of the most confusing of human emotions. Together, we will soothingly allow the symptoms to lead us to the heart of the suffering where transformation is possible.

If one allows it, there can be a sweetness and comfort in grief resolution. This is accessible as we resolve the barrier of complex feelings, and a part of you comes alive again. It makes sense that grieving enlivens. If there had been no significant bonding in these relationships to begin with, we would not be experiencing their loss as traumatic. While in the resolution process, you may experience a state of openness and vulnerability – this naturally invites new learning and corrective experience to come more easily.

These experiences can be times of significant change happening gracefully through the grief transformations. Also, outer life experiences tend to be put in a perspective that reflects what is truly important in your life, and what is not.


Illness is serious trauma. Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed; feeling like the rug was just pulled-out from under you, or its' a long-term or life-long challenge—know that new possibilities, perceptions and experiences can exist.

What our session(s) may focus on is your unique illness and its' particularities and how that constricts you and the life you’d like to be living. Allowing this nonjudgmental process to have its time to be heard. This is often the opening inner-shift that allows a more agreeable relationship with the illness and it with you.  From this more comfortable inner condition often a field of new possibilities naturally emerges.

Couples Therapy & Conflict Resolution

In working with couples and conflicts, I approach it more as an organic facilitation process rather than traditional therapy. Utilizing new human technologies, we come to understand that there is no right or wrong or good and bad. Yet, there are insidious unconscious dynamics that are powerful and can cause blind spots. Our process together will tease apart these dynamics while working on resolving them, thereby uncovering new fields of possibilities. 

Organizational Transformation

Organizations and groups are complex entities, as are their members. There exist now collective tools and technologies that foster resolution and change, much as those used in personal transformation. In our fast paced world, issues can present like a break-down between co-founders, or a necessary shift in direction, or sudden growth, or what feels like burn-out. No matter the presenting situation, my style is to work in a deep collaborative conversation so that 'win-win-win' resolutions will present themselves; often beyond preconceived possibilities.

Practice Mentoring

Similar to the last paradigm's 'supervision' for therapists, we now include that in an authentic collaboration that has an organic nature to it. This somatic, and sharing style can be multi-dimensional including client processes and the practitioner's best forward movement. Open to all practitioners. One-on-one or small group.


Death is to be fully understood and experienced. Coming face to face with your mortality can actually make you a more spirited person. I appreciate this being unimaginable for many; it is an experience beyond words, it is pleasurable and totally new. Ironically end-of-life can be the crescendo of the joys and contentment known to you and new ones as well.

I have experienced severe life threatening illnesses in my life and thus I bring additional perspectives and insights as to how to negotiate the challenges it can bring to your life, loved ones and family.