Skype Heals! (Clients Share Their Experiences with Online Therapy)

The video below shows a selection of my clients speaking about what it’s like to work with me via Skype. Each person shared their personal experiences and discussed how my approach is particularly suited for transformational healing even when we aren’t in the same room.

Those featured are located around the United States and across the globe. Working via Skype is not only a resource for people who are located outside the New York area; it’s also of value to anyone who may be unable to leave their home due to physical disability or other limitations.

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I am offering a free eBook download! Ritual: 21st Century Transformational Technology

Here is a beautiful and inspirational eBook that I am offering today, which coincidentally lands on the National Day of Prayer. This eBook is titled "Ritual: 21st Century Transformational Technology" and provides a secular, non-dogmatic twist on the concepts of intention, ceremony, and conscious connection to the vibrations of the universe.

This eBook finds a commonality across neuroscience, anthropology, cultural psychology, psychotherapy, art and performance and ultimately describes how the practice of a more modern ritual technology can enhance healing and creativity.

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Liberation and lightness...

...are achieved by the unlearning process of 'conditioned thinking.' It has taken me decades to do this and it has all been well worth the effort. I now comprehend that 'conditioned thinking' is one of the three primary blocks to a happy and content life. The other two being unresolved trauma(s) and sexual barriers; today we have the human technologies to gently resolve all three, making the process more efficient and effective. Unlearning such personal and cultural conditioning, and gracefully addressing the other two can become a joyful process as we gradually experience this liberation and lightness that is our birthright.

An Invitation to my SE Family:

Please register for my Webinar on May 5, 2017 (or watch when you can): Titled 'Focalizing, One of Somatic Experiencing's Many Offshoots'.

Focalizing, is a resource to expand a practitioner's client base. This technology is all about transformation, and beautifully builds on the SE principles.

To register email at SE Global Events. I'd be delighted to share this with you.

For a peek, go to: or

Looking forward, Michael

BTW, here's a really cool SE article on the emergence of this additional technology. It was written as Focalizing was just crystallizing some years ago, good history:

This is the most promising transformational technology...

...available to us, our organizations and governance...and the children. As challenging as patience and right-timing can be, I love the hope that Otto Scharmer and the Presencing Inst give me for the possibility of a better future.

After almost a year of development, today the MITx ULab launched the new website! This is also where you can sign up for u.lab 2x.

Psychotherapy Evolves to Tangible Technologies

“Chimaera” by Michael Anthony Garcia

“Chimaera” by Michael Anthony Garcia

I participated in a recent 'Focalizing Certification' webinar, simultaneously planning an upcoming global webinar for 'Somatic Experiencing' (trauma resolution) practitioners on May 5th. Both focuses reminded me of an article I wrote almost three years ago, 'Psychotherapy Evolves to Tangible Technologies' for the magazine 'Psychology Tomorrow'. 'Tangible results' seem to be the keywords here. I hope that you enjoy it. Read the article here:

The Millennial Energy Project

Nick Werber, Co-Facilitator & Graduate

Nick Werber, Co-Facilitator & Graduate

We are beginning our 2017 fundraising efforts. A part of our 2016 campaign (below) allowed us to provide Focalizing technology free recently in a ten-week 'Focalizing Certification' webinar. (See YouTube for sample classes:….

There are now more certified Focalizing Facilitators around the globe. This is but one of the initiatives in progress that was enabled by generosity and belief in our mission.

One of our primary intentions is to support individual expression and collective potential of young adults with Focalizing, see last years partial campaign, help welcome:…/the-millennial-energy-project…

New Practitioners are available!

Last week we completed a 'Focalizing Certification' webinar. There are now new people who have diligently learned and practiced this new technology for moving beyond stuckness (in all areas of life) and entering a world of clarity and contentment. The new practitioners are from different parts of the country and the globe...and all work comfortably with Skype or phone, as well as in-person. If you would like to be referred to one, contact and he will email you a Certified Focalizing Practitioner (CFP) that you can make contact with. Congratulations to our new CFPs!

This book is meant to lift you up...

...and place you down right where you want to be... It’s not simply what words the author chooses to leave his readers with, but more so the pure honesty that you can hear behind each page. This is an honest concept written by an honest therapist crafted into an honest book. And honestly, it’s good!" The review was written by Rachel Vitale, at New York University for the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy. Brought to my attention again today, It is most gratifying. Thank you Rachel for this review on 'Focalizing Source Energy: Going Within to Move Beyond:


Transforming Capitalism:

According to my colleague Otto Scharmer at MIT, "After a year of disheartening setbacks, many activists and change-makers may feel that the critical goal of transforming capitalism is slipping out of reach. Yet, having just returned from a four-week trip to many sites and gatherings working on social, economic, and spiritual renewal, I feel that the opposite is true. There are more fascinating and eye-opening examples of this transformation emerging worldwide than ever before. What's missing...?"


Powerful Question

I just had a question from someone in our Focalizing Certification course. He asked, "In your experience, what is the opposite of FEAR, and what is the opposite of SHAME?"

I replied from Source, "Absolutely LOVE, and for shame the opposite is FREEDOM!"

Since our open source healing technology heals and creates through the cordial engagement of opposite energies in our organisms (people or collectives), this is an important question. Also some video classes are on YouTube:


A Breath of Fresh Air

In the warped sense of civilization, and personal despair we have evolved to, hope still is alive. In the USA we have,,,,, etc. and now in Australia (also w/a global reach) there is the Centre for the Future, whose purpose is to help design and realize a world that works for everyone and in so doing, to enable humanity to evolve more consciously. I encourage all my readers to check them out as part of our future thinking and the choices we make in co-creating evolution that serves us.

Centre for the Future

A breath of fresh air: in the warped sense of civilization, and personal despair we have evolved to, hope is still alive. In the USA we have,,,, the, etc and now in Australia (also with a global reach) there is the Centre for the Future, whose purpose is ‘to help design and realise a world that works for everyone and in so doing, to enable humanity to evolve more consciously.’ I encourage all my readers to check them out as part of our future thinking and the choices we make in co-creating evolution that serves us.

Update: Focalizing Certification Webinar

Update: We are halfway through the Focalizing Institute 1st Focalizing Certification Webinar. There is a very alive sense in this very participatory process as this naturopathic healing and creative process demonstrates itself. It's quite amazing that participants from as far as Alaska, Ireland and China can so naturally absorb this simple human technology. As the course moves toward completion, there are already stirrings on the unique ways that these soon to be certified Focalizing practitioners will be sharing this meaningful process in their worlds. Stay tuned for future updates and trainings.

50% Off First Online Therapy Consultation

After I realized how effective e-therapy can be I began working with folks around the globe as well as all over the US. I make this offer because I have freed up some time to further develop this online therapy delight, and convenience. How stimulating and meaningful it is to have meaningful clients in China, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Los Angeles, New York as well.etc. To arrange an initial consultation, contact me: