Be prepared to feel a sense of interest, synergy and readiness for something new, gentle and pleasurable with Dr. Michael Picucci’s integrative healing approach.

Dr. Picucci draws on 30 years of experience in a wide variety of healing and treatment practices, including psychology, psychotherapy, alcoholism and addictions recovery, trauma healing, sexual healing, grief counseling, somatic experiencing and other organic, complementary paradigms.

His whole person approach and unique style, along with a diverse clientele have established Dr. Picucci as a preferred provider by many prestigious mental health and addiction treatment centers. Dr. Picucci’s research and experience have been internationally recognized, his work has been published in numerous media, and his colleagues recognize him as a pioneer in intuitive healing.


Recently Nadya Peeva asked Dr. Michael Picucci about seven aspects of his practice. His answers were captured on video by documentary film-maker Casey Meade and may be viewed separately below.

Getting Unstuck


Focalizing Benefits

Whole Person Approach

Intuitive Healing Pioneer

Greatest Joy


New York City On Location


Focalizing Source Energy: Going Within to Move Beyond


We are now on the cusp of a new age! And the world is struggling to emerge into it. Focalizing Source Energy: Going Within to Move Beyond introduces a human technology that can help us move to resolution for what ails us (often unseen) on personal and societal levels. To buy the book and see reviews, please click here.

Focalizing Interview

Dr. Picucci is featured in this brief Focalizing Institute Introduction Video. The Focalizing Institute community has participated in and supported Michael's research for decades.


Dr. Picucci's blog will give you a sense of what's on his mind, what he's reading and recommending.